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[The 21st]
Anything but a morning person, Chouji wakes up slowly. When he finally stretches and pulls himself out of bed, he freezes. This isn't his room. "Tou-chan! Kaa-chan!" He claps a hand over his mouth after the yell, realizing that if they aren't here, he isn't sure he wants to know who is. Chouji looks around the room, seeing a forehead protector placed on the dresser, right in the middle as if waiting to be put on. It's a ninja's room, then. He picks it up, looks at the symbol, a kanji rather than the Konoha leaf. Not a good sign, given that Chouji has absolutely no idea what village uses a symbol like that.

Things deteriorate from there. If anyone heard the yell and comes to investigate, they'll find a very apprehensive six year old, possibly armed with a kunai if he's found his older self's weapons stash.

When he does get up the nerve to leave the room and explore the floor, he tries to sneak around unnoticed, but it's the equivalent of playing ninja. On a floor of fully fledged ones. None of his attempts are likely to be successful. Anyone in Community Housing 1 is welcome to catch him out during his lackluster attempts at stealth.

Other days, now that things have been explained to him, Chouji looks for food and will be pleasantly surprised by any new friends. He can probably be found at the convenience store and bakery for snacks, Seventh Heaven for a meal or two, and at the playground by the school playing on his own.

Or pretty much anywhere as long as it isn't in someone else's house. He stays out of the residences. He's open to tagging along after people he met on the first day so handwaving first meetings is also okay.

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[A loud, familiar voice would be heard throughout the network today. Good thing it's not so early in the morning when it hollers or there'd be a lot of ruined mornings today despite the important announcement.]

Hey, Luceti! We've all had a lot of drama these past few days so, what do you all say about a little party? It's Chouji's birthday today and, of course, that needs celebrating!

Come by the first community building and you'll find the happenings on the fourth floor. See you there!

[With a little giggle, the announcement ends there.]


It was only a little bit of a surprise to Chouji when he received an invitation to his own birthday party, delivered to the apartment door. These were things you just had to expect and accept with Ino as a teammate. Everyone on the floor along with Kiba and Asuma received paper invitations. Then he heard her network post, inviting pretty much everyone in the village. Ino.

He'd laughed and grinned when he woke up to a knock on the apartment door and the smell of chips that morning, a purple whirlwind demanding entrance to the apartment so she could decorate it. A glance down the hallway showed a trail of butterfly decorations, marking the path of Hurricane Ino.

Chouji gladly spent half of his birthday in the kitchen, likewise decorated with butterflies, cooking for his own party. He'd always been the team's cook, and there was no reason for that to change just because it was his party.

By dinnertime, the common areas as well as Chouji, Shikamaru, and Masaomi's apartment held enough potato chips to feed an army even without all the food Chouji cooked. Barbecue, of course, along with vegetables, rice, fish, chicken curry, miso soup, and one or two desserts. He made sure to include pudding, his thanks to Ino for her thought and effort.

Now they just needed some guests to help eat it all.

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Open to anyone! Threadhopping and mingling highly encouraged! It's a party.))
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Kai! [Sudden absence from the battlefield prompts Chouji's immediate attempt to dispel an illusion.]

Why won't the genjutsu break? It must be too strong. [Not to mention that genjutsu and fine chakra control are not his strongest skills. Pain should also work. It's hardly the preferred method for breaking illusions, but it's more reliable for anyone whose chakra control isn't near perfect. He reaches for a kunai, but none is available. Unarmed and unarmored in a genjutsu that could be used to do pretty much anything to him; somehow that isn't surprising. Chouji is starting to worry though. He crouches down, snatches a jagged rock, and slices open his left palm. Still nothing.

Unwilling to simply sit and wait, he pushes off lightly, leaping into the trees. Chouji conceals himself as well as he can among the branches, only now noticing the journal lying open on the ground below. Shivering from the cold, a twinge of pain between his shoulder blades makes Chouji twitch, wondering if the attack he's been braced for is finally coming. His eyes widen as he looks over his shoulder to see a pair of feathered wings. A little desperate now, Chouji makes one final attempt at breaking free. He stabs his thigh with the rock. Still trapped, he resigns himself to staying here until someone manages to free him, letting the stone fall back to the ground. Chouji keeps watch for any further signs of danger on the off chance the genjutsu's caster slips and gives something away.]

[Chouji can heard over the journal; he will pick it up as soon as he receives an answer. He can also be found in the forest or anywhere in the common areas of town after he eventually makes it there.]
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If you have any comments on my portrayal of Chouji, whether criticism or compliments, please feel free to leave them here. I'm not easily offended, and I appreciate opportunities to improve my playing.

Anonymous commenting enabled, comments not screened.
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Appointment Post
Call, leave a message, slide a note under the door, or stop by to find Chouji.

Please use the subject line to mention method of contact and the date of the interaction.
(i.e. "Voice, 3/9")


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